Friday, 31 October 2014

Behaviour System

I love my new school's behaviour system. We follow a warning, yellow card, red card system where the children have a verbal warning, then if their bad behaviour continues they get a yellow card, if it happens again they get a second yellow card which means time out in another classroom. If on their return their behaviour doesn't improve or for one off severe events where they break the school rules they will be given a red card. This means an extended period of time out in another class room or with a member of the senior leadership team.

I have a visual representation of this at the front of my classroom which is easily accessible and a visual reminder for the children. Each child starts the day on 'golden' as they are all golden and sparkle! They each have a name tag on golden which can then be moved down the behaviour system if needed. The children can also move back up to golden if they improve their behaviour. I love this system as the children respond really well to it, they respect it and try their hardest to move back up to golden if they have slipped down the system.

Children that finish the day on golden can be in with a chance of being awarded with a 'star of the day ticket'. These are collectable in my classroom and there is a competition to see who has won the most tickets at the end of the term/year. (I made these using a free business card provider) I have a star of the day chart where the children take a ticket for the day won and then I place a picture of them on the chart so everyone can see that week who has won a ticket! The children love this and this is a really successful positive reinforcement of behaviour you want to see in your classroom!

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