Sunday, 21 April 2013

Choices Enquiry Display - Step by step...

So far on my blog I have posted photographs of finished displays. This post follows the process of making my most recent enquiry display all about choices so you can see how the display progresses. In Year 5 and 6 we are focusing on the 'choice' of where you could go on holiday. In essence the work in our enquiry unit is based around the children becoming travel agents! This is the display so far...

Step 1: Backing the display board with pages from holiday brochures - I thought this would be a unique way to back the display board and catch the children's attention...

Step 2: Bordering the display and adding the title. I tried to create the effect of the sun beaming from the title by adding yellow sun beams above it.

Holiday brochures were laid out on the spare table in front of the display for the children to look at in their spare time - I can assure you they have loved looking inside at all the beautiful holiday destinations!

Step 3: Key questions, images and other topic information is added to the display.

Step 4: With my class we are making a giant ice cream and a giant pair of sun glasses to add to our display. The children's first enquiry lesson included thinking about their fantasy holiday destination and they had to paint it. This work will be placed on the display shortly.

Photograph of Step 4 COMING SOON!

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