Saturday, 20 April 2013

Science Materials Display

Materials is another popular topic covered by many year groups in Science. Here I have tried to create an interactive, kinesthetic display by making my display as 'touchy feely' as possible. I have included information about different materials but also attached different types of materials to the display for the children to touch or feel when investigation their materials properties. It also makes for an appealing display!

I try and make my displays as 3D as possible by stapling laminated text or materials so that they stand out with a curve. This helps create another dimension to displays which is visually appealing.

In science displays I always include key vocabulary. Quite often I find children are intrigued as to what the words mean and I find them discussing them in class. Also this helps children use the correct vocabulary in the units of work but also helps reluctant spellers write as the words are already there for them to use. Works like a giant word bank!

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