Thursday, 4 April 2013

THUNK of the week!

To get the children thinking outside of the box, I introduced them to THUNKs. These are questions which have no right or wrong answer but get children thinking beyond the lateral. They are encouraged to think from different view points and use their imagination. I display a different THUNK each week in my classroom, displaying it on a Monday morning and allowing the children to write a response on a post-it note on a Friday morning. Throughout the week you can hear the children discussing the THUNK and coming up with wonderful responses. I have found that the process of getting the children to think outside the box has had an impact on their imagination and they are able now to come up with their own THUNKs for the class to discuss.

THUNKs I have used with my class:

* What would happen if all keys were made out of chocolate?
* Is a window still a window if it is painted black?
* What colour is Tuesday?
* If you read a comic in a shop, put it back and don't pay for it, is it stealing?
* Where does the sea start and the beach end?
* Can you love someone you hate?



  1. When sometimes the Primary curriculum focuses overly on 'right or wrong' or 'guess what the teacher is thinking' type ideas, it's great to enable a space for reflective, lateral thought where no expression of original thought is 'right' or 'wrong'.

    1. The children found this really difficult at first but became much more imaginative with their answers after much practice! It opened their eyes to a thousand different possibilities for different situations or questions!
      Thanks for your comment