Sunday, 7 April 2013

Handwriting Display

To motivate the children to improve their handwriting we introduced pen licences. The children had to use joined up fluent handwriting to be awarded a pen and certificate. The children could use their pen for whatever written work they liked (usually not maths) but could only keep the licence if they continued to use joined up neat and fluent handwriting across all curriculum subjects. The children felt very proud to earn the licence and badges were given out for the children to wear around the school if they wished. Photographs of the children who were awarded the pen licences were put on the handwriting display along with their certificates.  Examples of children's work which met the criteria for the pen licence was displayed on the board for the children to see what they were working towards. This had a marked impact on the children's handwriting and this reward system has now been implemented throughout school from Years 2 - 6.

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