Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PSHE Window Display - Relationships

As part of our curriculum, the Year 5 children participate in the GREAT Project which is a project in primary schools aimed at tackling the issue of domestic violence in a sensitive but informative way. It stands for Good Relationships are Equal And Trusting. The children learn all about healthy relationships and where to go for help or advice if they find themselves or a loved one in an unhealthy relationship. This project has been hugely successful in schools and to showcase the children's learning and discussions during the project I created this window display.

On the hanging suns the children wrote words or examples of what a healthy relationship would be like. On the rain drops the children wrote words or examples of what unhealthy relationships could be like. This was powerful imagery for the children.

The hanging suns and rain drops were simply made out of card hung from fishing wire (as it is see through) and attached to the ceiling with paper clips! Simple but effective!
The sun and cloud was painted straight onto the window using ready mixed paint which was slightly watered down. Don't panic it was easy to wash off with a little water!

If you would like to find out more about the GREAT Project and how you could get involved visit http://www.thegreatproject.org.uk/. If you follow the links to the adult section you can see a video which gives information from many perspectives about the impact of the project.

Our GREAT Promises...

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