Sunday, 7 April 2013

Out of This World Enquiry Display

Out of This World was a whole school theme adopted by all classes. It encompassed themes such as the universe, planets, aliens, God, religious beliefs, creation stories and mythical creatures. The children were very enthusiastic about this topic and enjoyed learning about the history of space travel and discussing whether aliens really do exist. Here are photographs of the Out of This World display and our RE display about how we see God.

As part of all my enquiry displays we complete a KWLH grid as a class at the beginning of the topic. It stands for K (what we know) W (what we want to know) L (what we have learnt) and H (how we learnt about the topic - resources, skills we used etc). This gets added to as the enquiry progresses and the children can come and add a post-it note to the learnt column any time they wish. At the end of the unit we discuss how we have been learning and what skills we have used - such as researching using books or laptops, using ICT to record our learning or discussion with our peers.

How we see God display - I was amazed at the variety of images the children produced.


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