Monday, 29 April 2013

Healthy Eating Science Display

Here is my most recent science display all about healthy eating and the human body. In the middle is an outline of a person which is filled with pictures of healthy food. This was made by the children in golden time where we had a discussion about what makes someone healthy. There is a food pyramid and balanced diet plate above the display to show the children the different food groups.

We have also been learning all about the heart and the effect exercise has on our body. The information sheets on and around the display give facts about the human body and the major organs. They also mention the effect drugs and alcohol can have on the body.

Above the display board is a world map showing where different healthy foods are grown and produced.

Around the right hand side of the display is the children's ICT work which answers the question "Could we live off McDonalds every day?" Their research and responses to the question are very interesting!

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